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Peculiar problem with LAMP stack

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This is a bit of an odd problem, so I'll try to describe it as best I can. For background, I'm using Mac OS X 10.6 as a host machin with VMware Fusion 3, and I'm using the "Bridged" network adapater. All default settings. I'm running vBulletin 4.

I can get the VM up and running no problem. I can connect to it easy peasy. Everything works. As soon as I restart the VM, restart the appliance, or shutdown the host machine all of a sudden the http server becomes broken. SSH and everything else still works. I ca get into the admin. The only thing that doesn't work is the web server... it takes about 5 minutes to load a page, and when it does it's nothing but a basic HTML page. I've tried restarting Apache, to no avail. What's going on?

It tells me the IP is, which works for everything but HTTP. When I try to load up it just says "Connection" at the bottom of the browser.


*EDIT* I think this may be a caching/CGI issue of some kind? Not entirely sure.

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Figured it out! It was a

Figured it out! It was a problem within the application (vBulletin in this case) where I set the IP address, which was changing.

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