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Hi all!

I'm a recent member of the Turnkey community, and I need some help!

I'm using Turnkey Trac and I want to setup subversion authentication against Active Directory,

however, in order for this line to work:

DAV svn

I need to have in my apache mods-enabled, but I can't find It anywhere....

Has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advace,


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mod_dav_svn is provided by the libapache2-svn package.


apt-get update
apt-get install libapache2-svn

Please post back with your configuration if it works, and any details to reproduce the setup.

We are already in feature freeze but if it's a simple addition I'll see if I can add it into the upcoming trac Lucid release.

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apt-get update && apt-get install libapache2-svn

According to the package description:

This package provides the mod_dav_svn and mod_authz_svn modules for the Apache 2.2 web server. These modules provide Subversion's WebDAV server backend, to serve repositories over the http and https protocols.

Hopefully that should work for you. :)

For future reference I found this by doing a search for "mod_dav_svn" in Hardy package descriptions using the Ubuntu Package Search. (The current TKL stable is based on Ubuntu Hardy). Hope that all helps.

[edit] Too slow! Alon beat me to it :)

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I already have the svn apache modules running, and the code I previously posted works.. however when I try to connect to my svn repository via TortoiseSVN I get a username and password prompt.. but I can't login.. that is my current issue..

I think because I'm using svn+ssh, there is another daemon answering this request.. and not apache as I inicially thought so.

I can authenticate if I acess my repository via http... but when I access it via:


I can login using "root" as username and "mypass" as my password....

how can I change these to be active directory credentials?


Best regards,



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Hi, I just found this out:

When using svn+ssh:// URLs to access a repository, remember that it's the ssh program prompting for authentication, and not the svn client program. That means there's no automatic password caching going on

so... that means i have to somehow setup my ssh configuration for active directory acces?


any advice/help?

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