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First of all congratulations for all these great projects!

I am new in Linux so may be this is simple-

I use trunkey Fileserver to store files (with greek characters in file names and in content). I use them from samba service and works perfectly!

BUT when I access them from Webmin or Command line I see "????????" (or other symbols) in the greek filenames. I can't also read the content of theese files (eg. simple text files) 

Can somebody help me??

Is this UTF-8 - encoding / unicode problem (it is a mesh in my head)??

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But I would suggest you try installing Greek language pack(s). I'd try this one first (although I'm only guessing):

apt-get update && apt-get install language-pack-el

If that doesn't solve the issue, try searching for other language packs that may be relevant:

apt-cache search language-pack greek

Then you can install whatever ones you think using the apt-get install command. I would suggest you install one, then test then the next then test again. That way you only install whats needed. Let us know how you go and which package solves your issue. Others will apreciate this info I'm sure.

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