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On my Dell Power Edge 1800 Server every time I attempt to install Zimbra I get an error message when it reads the HDD's in my SCSI bays at 41% scanning. I am wondering if anyone has a fix for this, all other TKL distros seem to work just fine. is there a way to install the core to the server and download an executable patch to install the ZImbra after the fact?

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Zimbra doesn't yet have a v11.0 RC image available. So if you are using the RC ones for the other appliances you are trying, that may explain why the others work but Zimbra doesn't. The RC images are based on Ubuntu Hardy/8.04 whereas the new RC images are based on Ubuntu Lucid/10.04.

I'm not sure but I would imagine that the RC image for Zimbra won't be too far away if you can be patient. Otherwise you may need to install Core (or perhaps another appliance is more relevant as a base?) and install Zimbra on top of it yourself. If you look for instructions and/or a tutorial on installing Zimbra to Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) server then they should also apply to TKL 11.0 RC

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