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How to change ip addresses from 172.16.62.xxx to 192.168.0.x ?

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I'm currently using the Turnkey Wordpress appliance to build an intranet for a company. They saw the wordpress appliance server yesterday and wanted to change all of the ip addresses to a 192.168.0.x format. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I love this idea of delivering virtual servers to my clients. Thanks Turnkey!

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Write a script

How many appliances do you have running?

With a dynamic network configuration (e.g., administered via DHCP) you may be able to do this by reconfiguring the dhcp server and rebooting all the appliances. But if it's a static configuration, it's going to be harder. This is a custom one-off requirement. You are unlikely to find a tool that does just this for you. If you don't have too many machines, do it by hand. Otherwise I propose you write a script, test it on one machine and once it's working, distribute it to all your machines and run it.

You might want to look at pssh. It lets you run commands on multiple ssh severs.

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Just one

I'm just running one appliance. However, my clients may have multiple Virtual machines running on a dedicated server. I'm currently using VMware Fusion on my mac and I suggested they use vmware player on their win2008 server environment. Thanks for the advice.

- AnakiteMedia

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VMware Server is perhaps a better choice

It is also free (although not open source) and IMO is much more suitable for a virtual server host (than player) as it can be easily configured to auto start appliances on reboot (after those pesky Win updates). That way its a case of set and forget!

Ultimately I prefer VirtualBox (free & open source - mostly) and it too can be run as a service but it is not as user friendly set up (requires quite a bit of commandline mucking around) so VMware Server is probably the go.

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Will do!

Thanks for the hint. However, my clients may know what to do here. I'll let them know the benefits of WMware Server though. Thanks.

- AnakiteMedia

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Hello Anakite! This is

Hello Anakite!

This is actually rather simple: On startup your machine presents you with a screen detailing all IP adresses. Choose "Advanced Menu" - "Networking" and then "StaticIP". There you may enter whatever settings you need. If your appliance is headless (without display), you may access this by typing "confconsole" at the webshell browser interface after logging in as root.

The standard TKL appliance configuration being that of a DHCP client, this should not be necessary at all, if there is a DHCP server present in your clients network, providing an IP in whatever range is appropriate.

For a more in-depth explaination have a look here. Any settings can be changed with webmin as well.



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Static IP changed but not working

I followed your instructions and set a static Ip in the 192.xxx.x.x range. Pinged it ... no go. Went to the ip address no go.

As far as DHCP server, they aren't looking to do anything other that load up the virtual server and access their intranet. So they want me to make to make sure that the virtual server is ready to go "out of the box".

I still have to work to do on their site, so it's annoying that they've tasked me with this aswell. But i would like to learn how to make this stuff work anyway. As they will want me to do more work for them and will most likely want me to deliver in this virtualized fashion. I'll check out the Ubuntu Net Config link to glen some more info. thanks

- AnakiteMedia

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Let me get this straight

ATM you are testing on VMware Fusion on your Mac but your client didn't like the IP addresses its using? But it actually works with the IP?

If thats the case then I'd suggest leave the IP alone for your setup (perhaps just revert to DHCP for now) and hope that their DHCP will automatically assign valid IP ranges on their equipment (I'd further assume that their LAN IP range is 192.168.0.xxx hence their concern - if their DHCP is setup right then it should just work when running on their equipment). At the end of the day its quite straightforward to adjust the IP (as you've just discovered).

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Thanks for the advice

Yeah, my other Turnkey Ubuntu server's IP starts with 172 as well. So maybe it's a Mac thing. That gives me an idea... maybe i should just test this on my dell laptop.

- AnakiteMedia

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You need to be in the same IP range

Changing the IP of the appliance won't give you access if your other machine isn't in the same IP range (determined by the netmask).

Everything considered I would stick with JedMeisters advice and let DHCP work it's magic.

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DHCP "Magic"

At first we had a heck of a time getting this going. The VMware Fusion appliance that I gave him was blowing up everytime with VMware Player and VMware Server. So we just loaded up a brand new version of TKL Wordpress .. presto.. sort of .. well at least we were in the right IP range. We were able to then see the site on the "Hard" Server but not on the rest of the network. Then he unpluged some load balanceing port of the Hard Server. Finally! we can see the intranet on the rest of the network. Maybe I can convince him to post on this thread some specifics of what he ran into to get this bad boy going.

Just one final hoop to jump through. LDAP...frown

- AnakiteMedia

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Sounds like its all been quite a painful experience...

Glad that you've at least got it most of the way now. Good luck with LDAP! I have had the pleasure of managing to stay away from that up until now so can't offer any asistance in that regard.

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