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Hi list,

I downloaded the Version Control vm to be able to use a git repo. I can access the repo and clone it. But when making changes locally, I cannot push them back to the original source.

It gives a Fatal error telling the server has hung up.

When using svn, sort of the same thing happens, exept it tells me it's in authentication issue. What is the way to proceed? I checked if I could find any extra instructions and I searched this list, but could not find anything.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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I'm having the same exact issue with svn and trac va.  I'm surprised, given that checking into a repository is sort of a core feature of the platform, that it' hasn't been addressed or resolved.

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But perhaps not. IIRC there is some additional config that needs to be done to make new repos writable. I don't use it and can't recall what it was, but I'm sure I've seen some info here on the TKL site. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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