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Hello to all.

I have just downloaded a LAPP turnket appliance and before I ask my question wanted to say how much I am impressed with the whole setup.

I want to use this appliance to do some web developement, so I wanted to create a new virtual site

I connected via ssh, created a new directory under /var to hold my site. then went to webmin/apache and created a new virual server, assigned the doculment root, assigned the same ssl cert as phppgadmin, assigned the next available port (in this instance 12323) stopped apache and restarted it. Then went to the Linux fireall setup, created a new rule accepting incomin traffic for tcp port 12323.

From outside the appliance, whenever I tried to connect to I get Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at when I try the webmin or phppgadmin port I connect fine w/o problem.

Could anyone thing of what I did wrong ?

I am sorry for wasting your time with what is likely a very basic mistake, but I can't see what is wrong.

thanks for your help


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I simply forgot to set up the Listen directive in the ports configuration on webmin.

I knew it had to be simple but could not see last night what I was doing wrong!

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