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I downloaded and installed the LAMP appliance to Virtualbox to test out a PHP app.  Everything works, except I can't log in to phpMyAdmin using the root password I set during the initial configuration.  Here are some changes that I made to the default configuration:

  1. set hostname using hostname command
  2. set ServerName in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

I am also accessing the appliance outside of my firewall using a dyndns.org domain name.  All required ports are forwarded in the firewall.  I am no good with MySQL commandline, hence the need for phpMyAdmin.

The second problem that I am having is with Webmin.  Whenever I create another virtual host using something like port 12323, I can't access the site either inside or outside of my firewall.  Troubleshooting has gotten me nowhere.  I tried setting up the site manually using the phpMyAdmin as a template, but it's no go.  If I temporarily change the phpMyAdmin Document Root to that of the new site, I can access the files just fine.  That tells me it's not a permissions issue.  If I then change the port for the redirected phpMyAdmin to that of the new site, I can access the files just fine.  That tells me it's not a firewall issue.  Only a configuration problem is left but I don't know what it is.  Why wasn't the site working using the automated Webmin way?  Restarting Apache and the virtual machine numerous times hasn't gotten me anywhere.  I also updated Webmin to the latest version after trying all of the above.  I am stuck.

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I tried LAMP 11.0rc and didn't have the phpMyAdmin problem.  However, it did have a problem adding additional virtual hosts using Webmin.  I solved the problem by adding the port to the apache2 ports.conf file.

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From what you have said it sounds like it's a Webmin bug. Does that sound fair?

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