TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Appliance: Zimbra - Turnkey 11.0rc (Zimbra 6.x and Ubuntu 10.4)

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I understand through reading in-between the lines of a few forum messages, this is in development. Is it days or months away from release? Thanks guys.
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TurnKey Zimbra 11.0 will be included in part II

We are currently working on finalizing the 11.0RC for the stable 11.0 release, which will include ISO, VM, ESX4, EC2, UEC and XEN builds. We are pushing for release in the upcoming weeks.

Once that is out the door, we'll be working on Part II which will include Zimbra, OpenBravo and official appliance builds from the TKLpatch contest submissions.

Sorry about the delayed time-frame, but there are only so many hours in a day.

P.S - we might give Zimbra and OpenBravo priority as they should have been part of 11.0RC, but didn't make the deadline.

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Trying to make deployment decision ...

Realistically then, spring (northern hemisphere) is probably a likely time-frame, right?

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Also trying to make a deployment decision

Hi guys, great job with this project.  I am loving the TKL backup hub!!!!

Is there a update on when the new Zimbra TKL suite will be ready?? Would love to deploy the TKL solution asap! 

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The devs haven't suggested a timeframe

but AFAIK they are in development now. The part one of the release is complete (I think most of them are now v11.1) so I reckon they are working on them as we speak. As Zimbra was held over for part 2, I'm not sure but I suspect that will be one of the first of part 2 to be released.

Botom line, I don't know for sure but I would guess we'll probably see something released within the next month or 2.

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