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On Hardy Install, loaded well liked Akeeba Backup software.

Ran Akeeba.  Everything checked out well, backup was built.

Shut down Hardy Install

Started Lucid 11rc Install (with same IP Address as Hardy)

Uploaded to /usr/share/joomla15/

Akeeba Backup File

Akeeba Kickstart File

Downloaded (via File Manager) /usr/share/joomla15/configuration.php file  (for Reference)

Uncompressed Kickstart File

Loaded http://mydomain/kickstart.php

kickstart -started

loaded akeeba back up file (via menu) to Kickstart.

Off we went

Akeeba Restore process started.

Installed Files

Came to MySQL restore screen

Presented standard db name and db user from Joomla Install.

did not take by pressing install

pasted in "password" from configuration.php

Successful Upload of full MysQL database (0ver default)

(indent Formatting not working anymore in this edit Screen*** choose Normal)

Loaded http://mydomain/

Content is showing from Old Domain, but no Template etc (RocketTheme Infuse)

loaded http://mydomain/administrator.php

Admin Templat (Admin Praise) loads, thinks all is normal

Templat settings however have no effect on Front End.

Logged out of administration Backend

ShutDown Lucid VM

Restarted Hardy VM

Back to where we are now (took less time than writing this report)..  however, I am not further along yet.

Any thoughts on how to Proceed?

Interesting process.  Almost went without a hitch.


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I am ending up at the same place whether via Akeeba Backup or via TKLRestore trying to move from a Hardy to a Lucid Joomla Install.

Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

I will look at this some.  It could be the InnoDB subject.  It could be something wrong in the new configuration.php file for Joomla.

Seemed like the restore went well otherwise.  I can get into WebMin and Shell in a Box no problem.  I will explore some more.

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