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Previously I installed TKLBAM in the command line of Joomla Hardy install.  All was working well.

It seems that the "host name" for  my machine has now changed (I don't recall doing this but it is pointing at the domain now..)

now TKLBAM-Backup returns an error:

--allow-source-mismatch switch to avoid seeing this message
However, TKLBAM will not take the switch and I cannot find other documentation on it.  I have looked through my configuration pieces (/etc/tlkbam) and hub.turnkey.org and I cannot find anything that calls out the old Host Name.
Is it best just to Delete the Backup set on Amazon and Start Over?
Also, I installed webmin-tklbam to the machine, but get a Perl Error when I call it (No:  tklbam-status file)
The system, otherwise, has been working, but seems not to be anymore.
thanks for any help,
L. Arnold
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Updating to the latest version of TKLBAM should solve the issues you mentioned. tklbam-status was added when the webmin module was developed. --allow-source-mismatch was a bugfix to workaround duplicity's refusal to backup if the hostname changes.

Upgrading is easy:

apt-get update
apt-get install tklbam
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Followed the proceedure and reinstalled tklbam.  Also reinstalled webmin-tklbam...

Ran a backup from within Webmin and it worked!  Hub.turnkey shows complete.  I don't have to walk on eggshells anymore.. 

I will see what happens to drop this backup over a fresh Lucid Build.  (Thought I did that but perhaps I was involving Akeeba backup to make trouble).

You guys are awesome.  I hope my problems are helpful problems.  It seems much of the documentation is in the forums themselves so if we spell out an issue the fix for it is documented as we go.


L. Arnold

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