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I'm working on getting GeniusTrader and BeanCounter installed and running on the LAMP Turnkey system.

So far I'm having reasonable sucess.  However one problem I have is that having created a new user with

useradd -d /home/gt -m gt

The user I've added doesn't have a shell that works like a normal users shell, there's no history, no coloured file listings, tab key doesn't work as expected etc

I posted the same question on the Ubuntu Forums the only reply I've got so far would seem to indicate that the expected behavior is that all these things should work.

Any guidance?

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The "shell stuff" you are referring to is the bash shell as well as the bash configuration included in the skeleton directory. So, you will need to specify the default shell for the user you create (bash). Also, you should take a look at the manpage for useradd, as specifying some arguments override the default behavior of others.

You could tweak the user account if you already created it in /etc/passwd, and manually copy over the relevant files from /etc/skel (note: most files there are hidden so use ls -la to list them).

Or, if you start from scrach you should be running something like this:

useradd --create-home --shell=/bin/bash gt

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Great thanks, I will roll back and start again, its not the first time, it probably won't be the last...

I'm wondering how I could script the whole process, but there are steps in the process I have no idea how to tackle yet except interactively.

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I'm not 100% sure how it works in practice, but there is a comment in the Dev wiki - TKLPatch usage tips & tricks where an example is given for Java. Have a bit of a play around and see how it goes.

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