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Does anyone know how to, or has anyone already added PCMCIA support to an appliance?

I have been experimenting with loading 11.0rc CORE to a CF card in A PCMCIA (PC Card) adapter. I have been able to install it to a hard drive and add PCMCIA support that can see the CF card in the PC slot adapter. But I cannot seem to figure out how to get the LiveCD installer to see it directly.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!
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Even if you can get it to install there, you'll still probably need to boot off the HDD (or a USB etc). Although I have heard that you can get IDE -> CF adaptor so if you got one of those you could probably install that way (apparently they make the CF card appear as a normal HDD) and then work out how to boot it from your HDD.

For further research/help/support you could try the Ubuntu forums. The current stable is based on 8.04/Hardy and the 11RC is based on 10.04/Lucid

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