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Hi all,

I am (more or less) new to linux and find the turnkey appliances very usefull. As we are using XenServer 5.6 for app virtualization it would be perfect if I could install the XenServer tools into the appliances.

Is there a working installation doc out there? Did anybody succeed to install the tools? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx in advance



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Have a look on this thread. There's a fair bit of reading there and a lot of it may not relevant. If you can get it to work it'd be great if you could report back.

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Hi JedMeister,

that is perfect. Just one addition: before starting your virtual machine again you should remove any iso-file from the "cdrom" in your server, otherwise there may be an error "too many boot disks". That's all.

After installation the menu is gone (where you could setup the ip addresses, shut down the appliance and so on). just a login. If you have a hint for that ... ;-)


thanks so far



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As for the Config Console not starting up, not sure why that is but if you login (username: root password: <whatever you set it to on first boot>) and then type


That should bring the Config Console back (but only until you reboot/shutdown). My suggestion would be to set a static IP and then you won't need to use it anyway.

To shutdown:


To reboot:


Also I'm not sure how it goes with XenServer but most virtual environments have some way to pass through <Ctrl><Alt><Del> which if applied to a TKL machine should force a reboot (even if not logged in).

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