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I am totally new at this, actually the first day trying to get this running for a new project that I am working on. Download the Turnkey LAMP, MySQL stuff and no matter what I do I can't seem to figure out why the IP's don't seem to be working.  I am trying to learn the LAMP stack, although it's not my job but just trying to get back into unix, etc.

The IP's given to me Web: don't seem correct at all and I have reinstalled multiple times trying to see what I have done incorrectly. Each time I install I am careful to read everying!

Have downloaded the latest ISO and burned to CD, it works fine
Using Oracle VM
Everything works fine, loads, creates partitions and actually updates everything
In the end I get a list of IP's which simply don't seem to be correct and don't work?

Again, sorry for such a basic question and I have attempted to GOOGLE and look around
for answers with no luck. I don't post without at least trying for a few hours to figure it

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I fixed it by chaning the network adapter to bridged, sorry! Finally found an item in the help section

Jim Douglas
Genesis Software

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