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Corrupt graphics during install of Turkey Fileserver on Via EPAIA M10000

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I'm trying to install Turnkey Fileserver on a Via EPIA M10000 system. Unfortunately, as the system boots, the graphics become garbled and I can't read any of the windows, buttons, or text. The graphics chipset on this motherboard is the dreaded S3 UniChrome chip included in Via's CLE266 chipset.

Does anyone know how I can get around this garbled graphics problem, aside from plugging in a separate PCI graphics card?

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Further details

Just in case it wasn't clear, this system is a Via EPIA M10000 with a C3 1Ghz processor, 1Gb of RAM, and a 160 Gb IDE HDD. The system has the Via CLE266 North Bridge and the VT8235 South Bridge.

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Not sure if this helps

Are you using the current stable or the RC? A quick google turned this up. It's discussing Ubuntu Lucid/10.04 but that is the basis of TKL v11 so it may be relevant. But it may not be either as the installer is modified somewhat.

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Thanks Jed. I'm trying to use

Thanks Jed. I'm trying to use the File Server Appliance V11.0. I just downloaded it the day before posting, so I'm assuming it is the latest release candidate.

I tried a couple other linux live CDs and got the same results, so it seems to be a problem to most of the Linux graphical installers. Installing in text mode seems to work (FreeNAS works, that's based on FreeBSD, but it never goes into a graphical mode). OpenFiler has the same problem as TurnKey for me. Off the top of my head, I can't recall the other two that I tried - might have been Ubuntu and OpenSuse.

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What happens if you proceed to the text screens

When you boot TKL from a CD if you just hit enter it will start installing and should go to text mode. Hopefully you will be able to see that ok.

Otherwise perhaps one of the other guys who are Linux experts can help you out.

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