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Script Install of Eclipse to patch Core 11.-

Well the good news is I created a pretty fine draft of an Eden Dev environment. I should have reviewed the TKL Client threads; but as it turns out, what I put together is very close.

One problem: Install of Eclipse from conf scripts killed the patch process - no errors were thrown, but no ISO was produced and .cdroot and .rootfs weren't cleaned. When I tried to remove them by hand, I got a long list of permission problems. Troubleshooting package by package let me to Eclipse or its dependencies the patch fails in either of the following cases:

#!/bin/bash -ex
apt-get update
apt-get install eclipse


#!/bin/bash -ex
apt-get update
apt-get install eclipse-platform

#!/bin/bash -ex
apt-get update
apt-get install eclipse-pde

On the bright side, I wrote my first init-hook (is that the right term?) to install on first use.

But this ideal for Eden's use scenarios. Anyone know how to resolve this tklpatch issue?

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My money is on a service still running inside the chroot!

I had the same symptoms with the OVZ convertor patch that I have worked on. Turns out it was caused by a service still running in the chroot. I suspect that one of the dependancies installed with Eclipse is starting as a service. You need to stop it before the patch process can complete.

One way to see if that might be it is to watch the install process (or send it to a log file). Look for the telltale '[OK]' service start announcement.

I was banking on a service or a process

So you're once again given me confidence in my conclusions. Unfortunately when I use ps -e f |less I couldn't find any unreasonable processes. The only new service was x11-something, but stopping it didn't solve the problem. So I'm left with the only solution I can think of (first-boot install, along with lxdm.

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Nice workaround

And it sounds like that works fine so no problem really.

But if you do want to see if there is anything else running perhaps include 2 new lines in your conf. One at the start to pipe ps -ef to a file and again at the end (to a differnt file) and then run a diff on them. This should show anything that has been started by your script.

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