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I am testing to see if i can access MySQL Data remotely with Navicat.  They say you can get to it via SSH or HTTP...  that said, I can't seem to get it to work.

I know on the Web-SSH it is port 12320.  Evidently default SSH is 22.  Which port should I specify in Navicat to get a DataTunnel going?

Right now I am trying to get to Magento Data but it could be any, including PostGRE on other appliances.

thanks for any help,

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But TKL uses the default SSH port 22. AFAIK whilst Shell-in-a-box (Web shell available port 12320) is technically SSH, it is just a web interface.

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From my little knowledge ssh and mysql are two diferent cats, ssh uses port 22 while mysql uses 3306, what you need to do is forward a port on your firewall, WARNING it is not recomened to have remote access to mysql databases, securty comes first.

use a vpn and connect to your local mysql server.

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I can access via SSH so the security is the same as SSH (good or bad).  There are places for sure where other external access could be helpful (syncronizing FoxPro and MySQL via  Windows Machine) but I have not implemented that because of the same security concerns mentioned.

If MySQL access could be defined to, for instance, a single IP or Subnet inside the Firewall I couild see this working however.  I will poke around a bit.

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Yes.  Not sure why it stopped working but it started up again.

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I am not sure what you are wanting to log into.  There have been several seeming phishes here recently.

What version of Navicat do you have and what appliance?

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Then have a look here at the TKL docs. By default TKL appliances have the DB bound to local host.

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If you can successfully connect via SSH but not with Navicat then perhaps try setting a password and connect with that?

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