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I'm trying to find the actual location of the Joomla directory structure inside my new Turnkey Linux Joomla machine.  Could someone please tell me where to find this?  (I'm using Joomla 1.5)



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Most of the appliances in 11.0 (including joomla) include convenience symlinks in /var/www that should get you orientated to where the different directories are.

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As Liraz very nicely states in the following post:


dealing with joomla directories is a bit tricky - esp. when it comes to using the TKLBAM service. The default install parth for the joomla appliance is /usr/share/joomla15/ however all folders in the /usr/share directory are TKL maintained and it is considered 'naughty' practise to write files directly into this directory - however as Liraz points out - this is going to be unavoided in the case of Joomla

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THANKS!  That's exactly what I was looking for.

I'm planning to connect to the Joomla directory structure directly from Netbeans.  Not sure what that'll buy me just yet, but I want to make sure I understand how to do it before I go down this road - and getting the actual Joomla directory was necessary.

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In order to improve the user experience and simplify how things work, Joomla is now installed from source code to /var/www/joomla. Another change we have made is to document the directories where the primary application is installed.

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