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Accessing TKL beyond firewall

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I installed TKL appliance (Redmine) on VirtualBox at office.

We have Fortigate firewall with VPN configured.

Access to appliance works perfectly inside the office LAN but fails when accessed from outside using VPN. Other appliances that do not use TKL are accessed from inside and outside firewall. I tried to look into TKL firewall (default configuration) but did not find what's block the network traffic. 

Can you please help?

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Not sure what your prob is

I don't have much experience with VPN but I can tell you that TKL doesn't have any firewall set up by default. I'd guess its something to do with your current Firewall setup.

Amir Weinberg's picture

OK I found the problem -

OK I found the problem - default gateway wasn't set by default

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