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I'm building a simple vm on top of the turnkey core vm and needed to install a bunch of perl modules. Most of them failed the first time around because 'make' was not installed. Thats not a problem; the problem is that when I tried to install it using first the webmin package install then apt-get on the command line I simply got a package not found message. I checked the sources.lst and it looks good so I don't know why it could not find it. Anyway this is just a heads up in case other stuff is 'not found'. I did manage to push make onto the vm using other options on the install menu. thanks for building the best general vm I've seen...
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Even though you got it installed by other means I'd still be wondering why it didn't work. From what I can see it's in the main Ubuntu repo.

Did you run apt-get update first? The other things I'd be checking are networking/internet.

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