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I'm looking for help with an issue when trying to use a Turnkey Wordpress ISO. I've downloaded the ISO and fired up Virtualbox, created a new virtual machine with defaults. Powered on the virtual machine then selected the ISO for Installation Media, that when things get weird.

I get an error pop-up with the following:

Failed to open the CD/DVD image (then indicated the file path for the ISO)

Could not get Storage format of the medium (again indicated the file path of the ISO)


IS it simply that it can't read the file or recognized the file type (ISO)?

Steps I have taken so far:

Tested a Physical install disk with without an problems

Tried renaming the ISO withough success, still get the same error

Burning the Turnkey ISO to test the same data on an physical disk (let you know what happens)

Thanks in advance for any help,



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False alarm

My first download was incomplete and so rightfully unreadable as an ISO.

Thanks for reading anyway though,


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