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Got thru a fresh install and I get this: There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons. Error log record number: 1052090965 On secure admin link I get this error: Error log record number: 689691371 Any ideas why I am getting this from a fresh install of: turnkey-magento-11.1-lucid-x86?
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I've just had a quick poke about online and it seems that there are a number of similar errors that occur (although I couldn't find any with your exact numbers which struck me as strange). Most of them seem to be upgrading old sites to the newer versions of Magento. So if you are importing a site made on an older version of Magento perhaps that's the problem?

Otherwise you may have found a bug.

There is a thread on Magento forums that suggests clearing the cache (unless you were importing an old site I'd expect that won't be it but who knows?). Have a read all about it here.

After a bit more reading I have discovered that the errors thrown aren't actually that helpful. To debugg this issue it sounds like you will need to set up error reporting. It doesn't look too hard, have a look here.

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I discovered the same threads about clearing the cache also after a little searching myself.  The error numbers will never be the same - it is an internal referrence to an error log on your individual Magento install.

I got this error from an out of the box fresh install.  The only thing I can think of that might have cause the error is an update.

When installing Turnkey it asks if you want to perform security updates, which I did.

I am going to try a fresh install w/o updates and see if the current iso will perfom out of the box.

I will also work thru the suggested fixes from the Magento forums and report back.

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Perhaps then we can isolate the problematic upgrade (if that's the problem). It's a pity that it's not working out of the box for you but awesome of you to help out by troubleshooting. Good luck with it.

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redownloaded   turnkey-magento-11.1-lucid-x86

Did a clean install and skipped the security update during turnkey setup and I am now able to get the Magento store front up and admin panel.

So there is a problem with whatever is DL'ing during the security updates.

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Not sure if you patched it or what. 

Just did another install with the latest ISO and also allowed the security update and it still works.

Now I can focus my attention on playing with Magento. 


Thanks for your help Jeremy.

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But a guess would be either a slightly corrupted ISO or a buggy security update that has since been fixed.

Regardless I think that in the big picture it may be a good thing that this happened. I think that setting up improved error handling by default (eg auto emailing of error reports to the admin) would be a nice TKL customisation for the next maintenance update of TKL Magento v11.x. It's seems possible that this may be included in the upstream Magento in a future release but even if they don't do it, TKL can.

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