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I want to place multiple TK WordPress appliances on my MacMini in my office. I would like each of these sites to be accessible through the Internet.


I already have a account setup that is working with a local installation of MAMP (the Mac version of LAMP).


I assume that I can run multiple TK WordPress appliances and use a router to forward URL requests to the appropriate VM. Is that correct?


If this is possible, is there a particular router that you would recommend? I am using a basic Cisco switch right now .


Also, if you have a procedure I could use to accomplish this, I would appreciate it. I have not found any in the forums.


Thanks - I owe you a beer.

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The way you are already leaning (2 seperate VMs) would also be my preference (but AFAIK it is possible to host multiple sites from the one VM). I think there are some instructions here in the forums (somewhere - sorry being lazy) on how to do multiple sites with the one appliance.

As for access, if you have a paid DynDNS account you could use different ports for the different domains/VMs That will require the least technical know-how and minimal tweaking (you will need to adjust the listening port on at least one of the machines). No special router should be required, if it uses NAT then you will need to forward the ports to the relevant VMs.

The other way to do it is use a reverse proxy (which you would set up on one of the VMs - ie direct all traffic initially to this one and it will redirect traffic to the other as desired). I' sure there's also instructions on how to do that somewhere here on the forums too (sorry no links, being lazy).

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