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Hello all,

I just recently setup a turnkey LAMP and I noticed there was a couple of files in the var/www directory that my last turnkey LAMP didnt have....

Those files are...

.bash_logout   .bashrc    .profile

.bashrc.d/bash_completion    .bashrc.d/defaults      .bashrc.d/git     .bashrc.d/penv     .bashrc.d/user-path


I've never seen these files before, is it ok to remove them? What do they do?


Thanks in advance!

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They shouldn't cause any issues and are hidden files. AFAIK they are config files that a relevant to shell sessions. Usually they reside in the user's home folder so I am assuming that /var/www is set as the www-data (webserver) user accounts home folder.

If you really want to get rid of them, rather than delete them, just move them so if you encounter issues you could just move them back.

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Thanks Jeremy,

I moved them - hasn't caused any problems.

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