I tried booting Jeos 11.1 in an empy VMware machine (Workstation) and it got hung. The hardware includes a core i7 and 8GB ram. The VM was configured for 512MB of ram. I have a screenshot of where it hung (attached). I can't host it anywhere right now.

Last it gave me was:

Welcome to Ubuntu!

Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/

root@bootstrap~# udhcpc[772]: Sending discover...

udhcpc[772[: Sending select for

udhcpc[772]: Lease of obtained, lease time 86400

I waited patiently, but it didn't budge after ten minutes or so. This is the sort of thing people might find helpful, right?

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The DHCP client outputs to the console by default, so pressing enter should just bring back the prompt.

You might be waiting for the confconsole to come up, it won't. It's not included in TurnKey Bootstrap (JEOS). Its just a barebones Ubuntu system, without any TurnKey optimizations.

Enter. Some kinda witchcraft.

That did the trick.

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