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I am going to try this again.  I want to migrate a Hardy Joomla install (9.10) to a Lucid (11.1).

As the old system did not have user assigned passwords I expect I need to know what they are, then assign the same to the New Install, then run TKLBAM-restore on the new Box.

However, there are also different Folders that Joomla has been installed in in 11.1.

Anyone accomplish this yet (I would expect so).

Guidance would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,

L. Arnold

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I am getting this after running TKLBam-restore on Joomla 11.1 against Hardy Backup:

Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

How would I rectify this so that I can login to Joomla after Restore? 

Go into Joomla and specify the "new" MySQL in the config.php (not sure the name of it) file??

This might be a problem actually with MySQL as well now that I think of it.

Might be best to go into the Hardy Install and give MySQL Root (and Joomla Config File) the new Lucid Password then backup, then restore to fresh Lucid 11.1 install. 

How would I do this in actuality?

Thoughts out there?

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Logging in via Webmin. 

I don't see in the old \usr\share\ folder any sign of the old Joomla15 directory.  (Update:  Looking at the SSH log, it looks like much of this has flown over to \var\lib\joomla15\

In the new location \var\www\joomla   (note that "joomla" not "joomla15")  is Joomla there but when I go into the \templates I do not see any templates that we were (and still are)  using in the Hardy Joomla install.  (Seem to be in \var\lib\joomla15).. 

In /etc/ssl/  Our Certs from the Hardy install have been moved.

SO We mainly (probably) have a MySQL problem....

MYSQL will not start up from within Webmin.  I expect the same is in PHPmyAdmin and MYSQL Server undoubtably is not running.

I am "guessing" that the Hardy MySQL passwords overwrote the Lucid ones.  However, it seems not completely.

Not sure how to use the overrides to move old Joomla to new Location.  Seems the templates, anyway, if not more, were excluded in the Restore process.

I won't clog the post stream from here.  Thoughts on how to accomplish this?  Seems lots of folks would want to do the same thing.

thanks in advance!

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TKLBAM didn't backup the old /usr/share/joomla15 directory on Hardy because that directory was maintained by the package management system. See this previous thread for more details.

This was counter-intuitive, which is why we changed how it works in the new TurnKey Joomla appliances, in which Joomla is installed in /var/www from upstream source code.

Unfortunately, the change is discontinuous, which makes upgrading from the 2009.10-2 version to the 11.1 version more difficult than it should be and may require some manual tweaking.

And yes, by default a restoer would reset MySQL credentials to what they were on your Hardy system, which may require you to manually edit the settings in the new Joomla installation.

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Hi Liraz,

Thank you for the update.  I am perhaps more optimistic...

Two things:

1: It did look like much of the old Updates to Joomla were moved via restore to /var/lib/joomla15

I would take this to mean that some "backup" and "restore" was actually done.

2: I assume there is a text file somewhere that I can access from SSH or WebMin filemanager to reset the MySql Password after restore.  Alternatively, I could change the MySQL password on Hardy.  Where is that best done?  WebMin MySQL?

I will test a few things wth the MySQL password on Hardy first (test bed needs to be built)

thanks for the comment.

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