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Hi all = sorry for asking what is probably a really obvious question, but I'm scared to proceed!

I'm not massively skilled in this field but I'll briefly explain the situation.

I've got an old Turnkey Core Appliance (8.04.3) onto which i've installed a LAMP stack and various other things.  I've also got two directories mounted onto external hard drives - one on the /var/www (with about 8gb used) and one directory mounted to an external drive for files - on /var/media with about 150GB used (movies and stuff).

I assume if I run TKLBAM that it will try to backup all these files as well which is clearly not what I want to happen.  What is the best procedure for simply backing up / restoring the core filesystem?  Should I unmount these drives before I run TKLBAM?  What will happen if TKLBAM runs on a schedule?

I really want to upgrade to a newer version of TKL Core appliance but am not sure how to proceed with the backup / restore.

Thanks for your help and an excellent service


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for tklbam-backup.

It describes how to override the defaults and include/exclude files from the backup.

Since it's the /etc/tklbam/overrides file it will be effective for automated backups also.

For example -/var/media would exclude your media files

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That using tklbam-backup --simulate will do a 'test run' without actually backing anything up.

Then you can rest assured things will go the way you want them to.

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Thanks for that - I'll check those things out.


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