I have just deployed the Moodle Turnkey Appliance to the Amazon cloud. All is working perfectly except email. I just want to enable to built in php mail functions in Moodle. I have tried leaving the SMTP hosts field blank under email configuration in Moodle but this has not worked. I do want to receive any email on this server.

I have searched the documentation but so far have not found what i need.

Can anyone point me towards configuration instructions or have a step by step to get email working on this server.





My apologies for not updating this post sooner but have been extremely busy at work.

It turns out that there was nothing wrong with my Turnkey Linux install after all.

Email was being sent out but not reaching clients because the Amazon E2C elastic IP is listed in Spamhaus.

I am trying additional elastic IPs and checking to see if they are listed in Spamhaus.

Does anyone have another solution?



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Unfortunately I am of no use to you at all re this issue, but be great if you do find an alternate solution if you could post back again. :)

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I've encountered the same issue with a StatusNet instance generated by the TKL Hub. Emails fail to deliver to major providers (like GMail and Yahoo) for no readily apparent reason. The reason is the instance IP was poisened by prior spammer activity. That is the IP has been placed Spamhaus or another list. This could prove to be quite frustrating for people looking for a clean appliance install experience.

Any possibility of the appliance or Hub checking Spamhaus for appliance IP's? Maybe flag the instance in the Hub that the IP is on a spam list or maybe a Hub account option to automatically restart instances if they are discovered on Spamhaus.



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Take a look at this, it explains the issue and includes some workarounds/tips.

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