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I have been looking for a way to launch an email server on amazon. if anyone knows how to turn the zimbra server into an AMI file I would love to launch it from the TKL hub to my amazon cloud. With Moodle, joomla, mageneto and Twiki all I need to do add zimbra and also need a VMware AMI (for's virtual instance) or an AMI of a remote support server with default credentials to custom configure from a web interface of some sort. Then once I get all of these thing put together I have a company that I am going to pay to develop a we app platform to provide tech support and integrate all of these services  in a platform that I am going to launch as an open source project to the community once the base platform is complete so that all of you can benefit, but I also need some help from you to get to that point as I have no idea how to create an amazon ami. please help.

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If you select the legacy option within TKL Hub then you could run the 2009.x version of TKL Zimbra. And AFAIK there's nothing wrong with it, just that it's based on the older Ubuntu 8.04 rather than on 10.04 (as TKL v11.x is). It's not clear when a v11.x TKL Zimbra appliance will be available as Zimbra does not support 32-bit anymore so it will posibly have to wait until TKL have 64 bit appliances. I think it is technically possible to install on 32 bits though, just not supported by Zimbra. The devs may choose to go that way but I doubt it as it may prove problematic.

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