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I have found a number of modules on webmin to be very useful.  Are they backed up when installed?


Are there any recommendations you have when using webmin?


Would you recommend say using webmin to create SFTP access?

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Assuming that they are installed via apt-get then yes they are. And (assuming that's the case) because it doesn't actually backup the packages themselves just the fact that they are installed, it will add very little to your backup size.

OTOH assuming that you haven't put things in 'naughty places' then it should be included anyway.

As the link suggests, even if you have put stuff where you ideally shouldn't, and installed them some other way, then you can still manually include the file location(s) with an override.

As for your other questions; I'm not quite sure what you mean with your second one. Third one; you should be able to easily add an SFTP user from Webmin by just adding a Linux user (make sure you allow them to login). They should then have SFTP access. Keep in mind though that unless you lock it down (such as using chroot jail of FTPS via vsftp - see this thread) then they will be able to browse the whole filesystem and download anything they like.

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Thanks Jeremy,

  This is great news!  I have inquired before about the LAPP machine to find out that postgresql has not been integrated with TKLBAM.  If I were to install Postgresql with webmin, how would this differ from a TKL postgresql instance?  Would they both be safe in a production environment?


 Question #2 was geared towards a production environment and security, are there any precautions we should take?


So if I understand correctly, SFTP works by default?

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So even if you install it to an appliance that is supported by TKLBAM, it still won't backup your PostgreSQL database (although otherwise it should all work fine).

No additional security concerns IMO, although it's probably worth disabling/firewalling any services/ports that you don't use.

Yes SFTP is enabled by default.

Sorry for delay responding.

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