What ports need to be open to support TKLBAM?

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Simple question I think - and I can't find the answer - would be good to have it on the FAQs on documented somewhere... anyway....


What ports need to be open to allow backup to the tkl hub?  And is there a range of IP addresses that could be specified to further limit the access?  Obviously important if you want to backup/restore from behind a reasonably well controlled firewall.


Any help appreciated, Scott.

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You don't need any inbound ports to use TKLBAM, but you do need to allow web access to the Hub and to Amazon Web Services. If you open up outgoing ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) you'll be fine. TKLBAM communicates with the Hub using a vanilla REST web API over SSL. Amazon Web Services also uses a REST web API.

As for the IP ranges, you can look up the current values in the DNS, but alas there's no guarantee that they will stay the same.

BTW, one of my favorite ways of figuring out what sort of network traffic is going out of my system is the iptraf tool:

apt-get install iptraf
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I wonder if it is using any other ports?




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Why do you ask?

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