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Hi guys!

I need some assistance badly! :)

I am currently using the TKL Joomla app v.11 and as you know it ships with PHP 5.3.2

I am using the K2 component in Joomla and it seems that it is not fully compatible with 5.3 - so I need to revert to 5.2 - ideally I would like to be able to have both 5.2 and 5.3 on my machine and by executing a script be able to get apache to work with the different vevsion - is this a pipe dream?

I found this post on explaining how to downgrade to php 5.2 and tried to follow the script example that is listed in the comments however it did not seem to work as expected - I am hoping I didn't 'break' anything :)

Any insight you can provide would be great!


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Watch out, Debian/Ubuntu aren't usually easily accomodated to do this sort of thing. It's going to be tricky, and even if you get it to work the result may be fragile. If you insist on going ahead, there's a thread on stackoverflow that might interest you.

Good luck and report back to share your experience!
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Hi Liraz,

Thanks for your reply - if you notice the link I provided in my frist post the script that I refered to was in turn related to the stackoverflow article you sent me. From what I can see on the stack site there are three ways to attempt this - the one is to try and execute the provided script which should 'magically' downgrade your PHP (however when trying to execute it on my TKL app I get a question asking me if I would like to uninstall joomla15, phpmysql and a whole list of other modules to which I answered no so I don't think that script works on TKL apps).

The second way is to "have your main version of php set up with mod_php and run all of the others through fast cgi on different ports" however no further assistance is provided and I am not sure how this is done.

The third is to "change the load and conf files from the directory apache does".

Which way do you believe is most compatible with the TKL Joomla app?

ps: I had no idea this was such a headache to accomplish - surely there must be an easier way?

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