PhpBB TKL - Adding styles to /usr/share/phpbb3/styles do not show up in ACP (AdminControlPanel)

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I am using the newest TKL PHP3 appliance. I have copied 3.x PhpBB styles into /usr/shared/phpbb3/styles using the WebMin Upload/Download applet (using root as login and owner.) However when I go into PhpBB ACP and go into Styles, I do not see the new ones to activate, just the two that shipped w/ phpbb. What am I doing wrong??
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4/2/11 14:29PST I am not sure if it was something I did wrong during post install, or if the appliance comes this way, but it seemed I was missing a symbolic link in /etc/phpbb3 for /usr/share/phpbb3/styles. I re-created the link and all of the sudden my new style(s) popped up under the ACP and allowed me to install.

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In other words it's handled by package management and as such end users shouldn't be putting stuff there! Have a look at this post from Liraz about it (similar problem, different appliance). So instead of putting a symlink in /etc/phpbb3, you're better putting your styles directly into /etc/phpbb3. The added bonus of that is that is that TKLBAM will backup your custom styles without having to tweak it.

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how would you fix this same issue on windows?

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Sorry I'm being cheeky! TBH I'm not sure but perhaps it's worth asking the original software provider and/or their community?!

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