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Had real problems trying to register on tunrkeylinux site.

I did mention it in irc. Note the logs appear to be a couple of months out of date  Also another person (apart from me) was having trouble.


Thanks to Alon for helping me out.!/alonswartz/status/54451009572974592




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Hi Brendan. Sorry about the trouble you've been getting from our spam filter. It seems to have gotten a bit overprotective recently. Too many false positives. I just received another report about this.

I've disabled it on the user registration form and sincerely hope we aren't forced to turn it back on.

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The ircbot froze inexplicably around mid-January. I've jolted it back to life. Not sure what the problem was...
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Hey no problem - always a battle between spam, human-etered spam and real people.

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