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I had a Trac instance up and running.  I terminated it from the hub, but would now like to restart it.  I did not have backup enabled, but I figured I would be able to restart with what was on that server at the time.  Am I out of luck?

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the answer is yes ...you are  out of luck..... if you terminate the instance you can not start it where you left it.

if you start and configure everything again you can have options that allow you to recover or keep your  data everytime that you shutdown ,terminate or stop your instance.


There are some options in this case:


1. Do a backup using tklbam and place it on an EBS volume, in that way you can restore all the configuration and all information placed on the instance.

2. Change  instance to boot from EBS volume instead of using instance storage. in this option you do not need to do a backup you just turn off the instance and you can start it whenerver you want and start it the same way it was before you turn it off


depending of what are you looking for.

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It sounds like the boot from EBS is not currently available.  Are there instructions on manually changing that or on how to backup and restore from an EBS backup?

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i think this can help you with the ebs backup and restore with tklbam




i did it several times and works just fine.

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Terminating a regular Amazon instance is equivalent to blowing it up. They're backed by temporary storage. If you don't backup, your data is lost. OTOH, EBS-backed instances are more permanent. They're persistent and you can turn them and off just pay for the storage space while they're down. We're running a poll about that:


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