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How to move the TKLBAM/TKL Appliance and tranfer it to another S3/EC2 account?

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Let me first paraphrase the question, and add dummy context to make sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

You created a Hub account and enabled Amazon EC2 and TKLBAM using your personal credit card. You've launched an appliance and backed it up using TKLBAM. Now, you want to move the appliance and associated backup to your employers Amazon account. Is that correct?

Answer 1: You cannot move instances or backups between accounts

Answer 2: But you can backup an instance to an adhoc TKLBAM account, essentially moving the backup and appliance configuration (but it's a little tricky).

The process should go something like this (I haven't tested it):

  • Create a new Hub account for your employer, and enable Amazon EC2 and TKLBAM.
  • From your personal account, launch a new instance and restore the backup you want to move. You could skip this step and do it on the production instance, but in case something goes wrong I wouldn't.
  • Once the backup has been restored, force reinitialization of TKLBAM with your employers Hub APIKEY (tklbam-init --force APIKEY)
  • Now you can backup the instance to your employers TKLBAM account (tklbam-backup)
  • Then, from your employers Hub account, launch a new instance and restore the newly created backup.
  • Terminate your personal instances
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time develop the code for this question... i think this will add flexibilty for us who subscribed for the TKL Hub.

thank you very much ALON S. and you explained it very well. hope to see this feature soon...

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