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we will most defiantly keep the Credit in the footer as well as giving credit in our release to teachers/students if we get our wordpress bbb solution working, but I can't get them to bite unless i can remove "Turnkey Linux" from the top of the page. It appears on every theme we choose. Any way to remove that or at least shrink it?

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I think the header you are referring to is the name of the Blog. A fresh install defaults to TurnKey Linux, but you can (and should) change that. IIRC, you can change site name in the administrative dashboard.

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Thank you very much.  I have to say I am truly impressed with TurnKey so far.  This can be a huge benifit for us.  K12 is dying right now and every penny saved helps

Bob, pleasure to meet another K12 person at TurnKey. I've found the appliances, TKLBAM, and the support invaluable to my daily practice. TKLPatch is crucial to my curriculum as well as my pedagogy.

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I am extremly impressed!  This is going to save us oodles of money.  TK i will be personally donating and I hope to have the District donate as well.  Wont be much but I feel obligated to at least give something.

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