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Just did a successful "restore" to a New VM yesterday.  Then last night I went to do a "backup" and I realize that it took the better part of the night to complete.

In an event like this, does TKLBAM need to be "removed" then "reinitialized" so that it doesn't get confused with other backup images from the machine image it was restored from?

Seems it could be a tripping point.

Help is appreciated.

L. Arnold

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Like the first (post restore) build, the second one does take forever.

Was hoping to restore this to a new Magento sys (not the one I just upgraded) to see if full systems can move this way.  I will look for the post about Deregistering and Reregistering TKLBAm that I recall reading a while back from Alon.


update edit 1 hr 44 miniutes after first posting and just getting "running backup" in Webmin Backup Monitor... This is not functioning correctly.

Will Closing the Window cancel the Backup?  I doubt it...  but I am tempted.  this AM this actually crashed Firefox and gave me a complete report when Firefox Restored.  Perhaps that is the case this time  (perhaps)..  May have to try.  (that didn't work)... Closed the Tab, then opened in "recently closed tabs" and returned directly to "Running Backup"..  probably as it should be... but.. not the right performance for sure.

time flies:;;  now 4 hrs and 45min after post.

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I am not finding this in my forum searches or the documentation.

tempted to run

apt-get remove tklbam


apt-get install tklbam

(but I don't want to mess up my webmin desktop etc).

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I did remove and install tklbam in SSH and my settings remained intact.  Was able to Run a backup from SSH that was fast and functional.

The Webmin Backup never did work properly.  I have not removed and reinstalled webmin-tklbam yet though I expect that may do the trick.

Got past this and was able then to upgrade Magento which was the primary goal (see parrallel forum/journal)

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I haven't used TKLBAM enough to be completely sure of the procedure but in another thread Alon mentions using the command:

tklbam-init --force API_KEY

Give it a go and let us know if that works for you.

FYI re removing a package from Linux (using apt-get remove), generally it will leave all the config data and settings as is. So to get rid of everything you need to use the --purge switch eg

apt-get --purge remove <packagename>

Also another handy Linux trick is the command line manual feature. To get info, usage syntax, switches and pretty much all the info you'd need you can use the man command. In this case

man tklbam

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Purged and reinstalled TKLBAM in a new variation on the same system.

I worry that I did not --force the init.. but if it doesn't work perhaps it will work again.

Basically I am trying to Reinstally MYSQL databases after the Files have been successfully loaded.  So far this has not worked but fingers crossed after reinstalling TKLBAM.

(other threads on this subject are open)

I will let you know.


Purging then Reinstalling TKLBAM did get the DATAFILES to restore.

Unfortunately still the Magento build is not "turning on".  Seems like the DATA is there but now its time to see what is causing the error...

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