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Hi all and thanks a lot for your work. I m a french user so sory for my bad english :(

I have a problem using redmine and proxypass. Here is the problem:

I have a front server with apache that is used on internet.
I have a second server with redmine ( Turnket 11.1) used on intranet.
I want to add a proxypass on my internet server tu use a conection to my redmine server from internet. I already use this for my knowledgetree server and it works.
So on my main apache server i add that:
#These lines are for knowledgetree and works
ProxyPass /ktdms http://192.X.X.X/ktdms
ProxyPassReverse /ktdms http://192.X.X.X/ktdms
#These lines are for redmine and dont works :(
ProxyPass /projets http://192.X.X.Y:80
ProxyPassReverse /projets http://192.X.X.Y:80



Can you help me?



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But I'd try without the port eg

#These lines are for redmine and dont works :(
ProxyPass /projets http://192.X.X.Y/
ProxyPassReverse /projets http://192.X.X.Y/

But I'm only guessing...

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