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I got this unuasual error while trying to start a ordinary backup:


raceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/tklbam-backup", line 266, in <module>
  File "/usr/bin/tklbam-backup", line 233, in main
  File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 226, in new_backup_record
    response = self._api('POST', 'record/create/', attrs)
  File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 183, in _api
    return API.request(method, self.API_URL + uri, attrs, headers)
  File "/usr/lib/tklbam/hub.py", line 127, in request
    raise Error(c.response_code, name, description)
hub.Error: (400, 'BackupRecord.ServerIDNotFound', 'Server ID does not exist:
Any help is appreciated.
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If so that's why I reckon (PostgreSQL is still not supported by TKLBAM). If not let us know what it is as it may be a bug.

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I am using the "vanilla" drupal 6 appliance. Nothing special, no postgress. Restore doesn't work either..

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There's is something seriously going wrong with the backups. I tried to restore a backup and got  the strange message that it isn't such a good idea to restore a lamp stack on my drupal appliance. I haven't ever backuped a lamp stack. So I listed my the backups, but didn't see my backups in the list. So where are they? Apperently my api key isn't linked to my backups anymore.

This is scary!!  

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root@drupal6 ~# tklbam list
# ID  SKPP  Created     Updated     Size (MB)  Label
   2  No    2011-04-05  -           0.01       TurnKey errors
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We're in the process of extending the Hub (announcement coming really soon), and the API code that answers the tklbam-list requests had a tiny bug, which caused the haywireness. I've disabled the new code and tklbam-list should be working as expected now.

Sorry about that, and sorry about the late reply.

If you come across any more issues, let us know.

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I checked and everything is operating normaly now.. Thanks!

Now I am curious what extention is comming.

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