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I have several questions regarding reading mail.

1) I have a trac appliance.  The only Ubuntu user is "root" and I would like to read the mail.  With the Webmin theme that TKL uses, I don't see the icon to "read user mail" either on the Postfix module page, or on the root user's page.

On the default Webmin theme, there is an icon in both locations for reading user mail.

2) If this is not available, how can I read user mail from a SSH session without installing anything?  I tried "pine" and "mail" and neither are installed.

3) I have found a bunch of mail messages that are in the mail queue, unable to be delivered.  These are messages about the TKL backup, which are not able to be delivered to root because connection to the server itself is refused on port 25.  It's not trying to deliver to localhost, it's trying to deliver to my server name.

I would like to figure out A) why the server can't deliver messages to itself. and B) how can I add an additional email address other than localhost:root so that I can make sure an get a copy of the email.

I've just checked my security group and port 25 is not allowed for inbound traffic, but the security group was automatically generated with necessary ports by the TKL Hub, if I remember correctly.  Even so, shouldn't mail be able to be routed to localhost from the server itself?

Any help is appreciated.


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