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I tried using one of the Turkney ISO images with WordPress to install as a virtual machine, it installs fine and I can access the WordPress website but if I shut the VM down and restart, it asks me to install again. Why does it not install it properly?

I am using a cloud management software to provision the VM called CloudStack.

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It sounds like you may have the ISO connected as a virtual CDROM in your VM. You'll need to eject it first after you've installed the ISO to your hard drive.

PS: Is CloudStack stable already? How are you liking it?

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Cloudstack is very good, how do I eject the ISO? If I restart the VM then it works fine but shutdown and startup it asks me to install again. What I am trying to do is create a VM from an ISO file then create a Template from it.

I would have downloaded the ready templates available on here but they are not in the format that we can use. I need VHD format since we are using Citrix Xen as our hypervisor and we have not had any succesful attempts trying to convert from OVA.

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