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I have downloaded the VMWare ISO and opened up the ports on my router. However, none of my torrents are starting.

I installed the Firefox extension but it only works if I right-click on the torrent and select Save with TorrentServer otherwise I get a blank screen.

The torrents are visible in the mldonkey webui but they never start.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I restarted the VM and my torrents now start but they are extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely slow! I am getting about 2 KB/s!

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Particularly make sure that if your modem/router is using NAT filtering that you forward the relevant port to your TKL server. It may also be worth trying some different ports too. I'm not sure what the default port is but many ISPs throttle common torrenting ports. If you are running the appliance as a VM its also worth checking the networking setup up.

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