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I must say a big thanks to the team at Turnkey Linux for the great work they are doing. The appliance I downloaded here has really made life easy for me. Here's my situation - I have deployed the moodle appliance on my local LAN and is meant for use only on my local LAN(not internet). I can launch the appliance on windows and Linux machines using the ip = But I want to be able to configure the Linux box holding the appliance with a hostname so that i and other users can reach the appliance using http://virtualclass I know this is possible without having to do any configuration on all clients windows or Linux machine or even the router which provides DHCP. I remember someone made a Linux box for us sometime where you just type http://intranet on a browser from any machine on the LAN and off you go. He didn't tamper with the router or client systems configuration. Anyone out there who knows how should help a Linux newbie. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, you'll need a way to resolve a name to an IP address. I would say you have a dns server on your network somewhere, either a domain controller or on a small network maybe the internet router. You'll need to add a static entry in the dns server for resolution.

Does this make sense?

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The standard way to solve this is to add a record to your LAN's local DNS server. That's the only cross-platform method I know of. If all of your clients are Windows machines you might want to try setting up Samba, which supports broadcasting a machine's 'hostname' over NETBIOS. There are other zero-configuration protocols out there but whether or not they would work depends on what operating system / versions you have running on your clients (e.g., Windows, Macs, Linux, etc.).

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