Hi All,

First of all I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the TurnKey Linux Team and Community for providing us with an out of the box product, which is very easy to install.

Now, it is my first time with Linux and a SAMBA Fileserver. I am using the TKL FileServer Appliance.

I have installed it native on my new fileserver machine (an OLD Dell 670 Workstation 2GB RAM and 2TB x 4 SATA)
I can access webshell, webmin, extplorer - all good, but :

My Scenario is, that I want to have the following Groups of users, namely (HR, EXEC, IT, Marketing, Sales, Production) ... I will then create users individually and add them to there respective groups.

for a test, i created a HR group and add our HR person to it, they can see the share listed when they connect from a windows machine but they can't create anything inside it.

I clicked on the option "synchronize unix user and samba user" and synchronize unix group and samba group as well.

Also, I have active directory, what is the real benefit of binding my fileserver to our ActiveDirectory and how reliable is that ?

I will have a few more questions which I will post once I have tried and failed,

will be grateful for your assistance on the above
Kind Regards

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U need both linux and samba users on the applicance, which it sounds like u have done.

I think u need to check the file permissions  of the linux directories u are using as samba shares to make sure that the useres have write permission set.

The default for linux directories is read only.

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