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Hi Forum,

We've uploaded a few themes and plugins to our Turnkey Redmine installation.

However, I can't workout how to restart the app so the new plugins and changes get picked up?

Is it through SSH? What's the command we should run



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But I would assume restarting the underlaying process would do the trick. So assuming it runs on Apache then try this:

service apache2 restart

Worst case scenario you could restart the whole appliance (don't do this if you are using AWS without having either first done a backup or using persistent storage such as EBS; as you'll loose all your data!)


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And have yet to find an answer.

Installed a plugint tonight, and got to the point about restarting Redmine. I've tried restarting Apache and rebooting the server. Each time, though, I'm still logged in to the server, and based on what I'm reading in other forums, that means it didn't work.

One thing they (people in other forums) mention is that you can simply touch tmp/restart.txt from your redmine directory (which I'm assuming they mean /var/www/redmine) and on the next mouse click in your Redmine application the Redmine process(es) will restart. (They also assume that you have Passenger ApplicationSpawner running, which I do.) However, this did not work.

It's odd, the plug-ins show in Admin -> Plugins, but there is no config available, nor do they seem to be operational.

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Note the file path: /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh, so I assume that it would only work on Bitnami based servers...

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