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Drupal takes over - how to add and show additional web pages ?

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I've just installed Drupal6 appliance and now I'm trying to add also some other web pages in separate directories under /var/www, for instance /var/www/visu

but when I enter http://ipofappliance/visu/  into browser, then I get page not found error reported by Drupal....

How can I achieve normal behaviour on non-drupal URLs ?


Thanks in advance,



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You need to add an additional site

You can see what is currently setup in the sites-enabled directory (etc/apache2/sites-enabled IIRC) then create a new site in the sites-available dir (/etc/apache2/sites-available IIRC) - I'd recommend copying one that's there already and use that as a template. Then enable your site (there's a command you'll find if you google, although AFAIK simply creating a symlink will have the same effect).

All this can be done with Webmin too, which is probably easier if you're not familiar with Apache

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