Problem confconsole in squueze

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I installed the confconsole package on a distribution squueze but when I run it, have the following error messages: root@squueze: # confconsole Traceback (most recent call last): File "/ usr / bin / confconsole", line 10, in import ifutil File "/ usr / lib / confconsole /", line 6, in import executil ImportError: No module named executil For information: I used the following repository in my sources.list deb lenny main contrib (I also tested with deb hardy main universe Bur always the same errors). Is this package is not yet compatible with squeeze? Otherwise, do you have any ideas to resolve this problem ?
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So I can only assume that is why although I'm not sure. TKL released their beta Debian based Core appliance while Squeeze was still in testing. I anticipate that they will eventually release a Squeeze based appliance range but don't holdd your breath!

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You could try installing the package from the Lucid repository, it should be compatible with Squeeze, though I haven't tested it.

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I tested all repositories provided by turnkeylinux.
but I still have the same errors.

Have you tested confconsole  in your
squeeze distribution?

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Guess that something in Squeeze must be a bit different.

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