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When trying to setup the Hub I get to the S3 portion. I successfully setup the Amazon portion. It then puts me back to the Hub where I get a credential failure (creds are correct). How can I work around this? The Hub setup wont let me past this point.
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IIRC you need to setup S3 in addition to signing up for an AWS account. I don't 100% remember the process but I think it was quite straightforward once I was nudged in the right direction.

Failing that, when signed into the Hub, there is a big tab on the LHS that says 'feedback'. Click that and leave a message. That will get the attention of the devs a lot faster than posting here on the forums. It will also supply relevant info about your Hub setup so they should be able to easily see where the proiblem is.

I recall when I intially signed up I had a similar problem, but it was a misunderstanding (had AWS but not S3 IIRC). AFAIK the devs updated the documentation following discussions with me to try to make it clearer what to do, but I do know that some others have still had some problems since. Assuming it is a misunderstanding I'm sure they would find it useful to hear your thoughts on making the signup process easier. If it's a problem with the Hub itself they'd definately want to know so they can fix it asap.

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